Beats by Dre Studio 2 Wireless

Common Faults

Headband / Hinge


If your headband or hinge joint has broken.



If the power is intermittent or has cut off. If the headphones won’t hold charge.

1 Speaker / Both Speakers

£40 / £50

If one or both speakers has stopped working, decreased in quality or has a faint crackling.

Internal Wiring


If either speaker has stopped working or become intermittent due to an internal wiring issue.

Arm Casing

Outer Casing £50

Inner Casing £60

Both Casings £75

If no visible damage is present then please choose option ‘Inner Casing’.



If your earpads are loose, lost or generally worn and in need of replacement.

What to do Next

After identifying the fault/s from the list above, fill in our repair form to send off with your headphones.

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Multiple Faults

If you have multiple faults with your headphones, or have multiple headphones to send to us, you will receive a discounted price from those listed in our pricing.

If your fault isn’t covered in our list and you’re confused to what your issue is, or would like to know if you’re eligible for a discounted price, please get in touch for an exact quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

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