How it Works

There are two ways you can use our service and send off your headphones for repair: Fill out our repair form or Get a quote beforehand.

Fill out our Repair Form

By filling out a repair form and sending them to us with your headphones you can provide us with all the information we need to deal with your headphones and have the contact information to let you know the status of your repair.

Fill Out Repair Form

Get a Quote

By using our Get a quote form and providing us with the information regarding your broken headphones this way, we can provide you with a quote beforehand. We will then provide you with a reference number & the relevant information for you to send off your headphones with.

Get a Quote

We understand customers may have varying needs so we offer methods of using our service whether they want information beforehand or are in a rush.

To Recap


Fill out a repair form OR get a quote first

Fill in Repair Form Get a Quote


Send to the address below for assessment:
565 Holyhead Road
United Kingdom


Receive an inspection email and online invoice


Make payment


Get your headphones repaired and sent back via tracked & insured means of delivery

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