Have you found yourself in the situation of having to fork out for more expensive headphones after your last pair having broke on you?

Well now you don’t have to!

Instead of paying full whack for a new headset, why not pay a small percentage of the cost to have your beloved Beats By Dre headphones restored to their original quality?

What Beats do we repair?

Find out which beats we repair

If you’re still not sold on the idea, check out these reasons to go ahead with your repair:

  • Smaller repairs will only set you back as little as £10
  • No charge for inspections – no work no fee
  • Easy & open communication for a personal service
  • The most reliable and trusted UK based Beats by Dre specialist repair company with experience globally
  • Recorded delivery means your headphones are safely tracked from our workshop to your door

No charge for inspections – no work no fee

Need Beats replacement ear pads?

Worn, torn or gym sweat smell?

Stop Wasting Your Hard Earned Cash!

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