Beats by Dre Solo 3 Wireless
Common Faults



If the headband (the plastic piece between the 2 hinges) needs replacing or if the hinge itself is broken.



If the metal hinge bracket that connects the headband to the arm is broken – this part has wires that run between it

Internal Wiring


This is the most common functional issue with this model. If one ear stops working (more commonly the right side)



Power board fault / Bluetooth board fault / Internal wiring break / Faulty battery

Jack Port Replace


If the sound is intermittent in one or both ears depending on the position of the cable



If your earpads are loose, lost or generally worn and in need of replacement.

What to do Next

After identifying the fault/s from the list above, fill in our repair form to send off with your headphones.

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Multiple Faults

If you have multiple faults with your headphones, or have multiple headphones to send to us, you will receive a discounted price from those listed in our pricing.

If your fault isn’t covered in our list and you’re confused to what your issue is, or would like to know if you’re eligible for a discounted price, please get in touch for an exact quote.

A Repair Isn’t For You?

If you’ve chosen not to go ahead with the repair for whatever reason, you may instead be interested in selling your broken Beats headphones to us.

Drop us an email at for a valuation.

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