Beats Studio 3 Replacement Headband


We have all the headband colours available for the Beats by Dre Studio 3 Wireless model; black, white, red, blue, shadow grey, asphalt grey, crystal blue, porcelain rose and desert sand.

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Beats Studio 3 Replacement Headband

Beats Studio 3 Replacement Headband for just £25! If your headband but not your metal hinge joint is damaged then this may be the solution for you. The headband is the plastic arch that lies in between the two arms of your headphones and features the name ‘beats’ whereas the hinge joints are the small metal pieces that say ‘wireless’ or the model of headphones.

How To Replace Your Beats Studio 3 Headband

Replacing your Beats Studio 3 headband doesn’t involve any soldering but it can be tricky job if you’re not familiar with the process. For this repair you’ll need a torx screw driver and potentially some tweezers depending on which way your headband has broken.

What About If I Fail To Repair My Headphones

If you are unsuccessful in your repair then you can send your headphones to us with our replacement headband, we can complete the repair for you for an additional £30. In this case, contact us via our inquiry from to secure this option.

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